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Indo Aqua Exotic known as Exotic and Tropical fish exporter from Jakarta, Indonesia, was established since 2015. 


The company name “Indo Aqua Exotic”, was taken from the word INDO which means INDONESIA as our beloved country, AQUA means aquatics because we are selling aquatic animal, and EXOTIC means all aquatic animal are exotic. We want to introduce and show to the world that Indonesia can provide and have many exotic aquatic animal, especially for the tropical fish itself.


The owner have experienced with many kind of fish and have a good relationship between local fish breeder and so our company can get many variety of fish, including Indonesia wild caught native fish such as clown loach botia, indonesia tiger fish, sulawesi shrimp, etc and exotic fish such as platinum color fish, short body fish, or rare morphs.


The company and the owner also proud member of INAFISH, and , have a good experienced at International forum (Aquarama & Interzoo) and make this company become reliable and trusted.


We have supplied our tropicalfish worldwide such as Australia, United State of America, Dubai, South Korea, Germany, Japan, Phillipine, and we are keep looking for partnership with every customer to supply high quality live tropical fish worldwide.

We guarantee our fish have good and health condition when arrive, provide good and exact size, not deforming fish is our top priority, and giving you guarantee about D.O.A terms. We focus on customer satisfaction and long term business relationship with every customers by offer you competitive and reasonable price, good and secure packaging, on time delivery and we have a high standart procedure in breeding and quarantine the fish so we can provide best quality fish to our beloved customers.

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